You can register using our own group club code:

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If a referee does not already possess a current AAU membership then registration is very simply done online at: Referees should register as Non-Athlete. When they are asked for a Club code please use WYA5W4, (for ease of scheduling within Michigan). This is the club number for us in Michigan.

AAU Ice Hockey Referee Registration Flow-chart:

  1. Referees go to;

  2. select Non-Athlete Membership

  3. create a user Name & Password (or Log-In if you already have one)

  4. fill in the required information (make sure; youth sport, hockey and non-athlete extended for $16. Make sure to use the Club number Club Membership: WYA5W4 – Great Lakes Hockey Officials

  5. continue & save

  6. Checkout

If you don’t complete the entire process but do get through one of the continue & save points, don’t simply log-in when you return. Instead, select Go to My Account at the top of the page. This will preserve everything that you’ve already done.



AAU Membership Requirement: Just as with other organizations (such as the NCAA, MHSAA, USA Hockey and MAHA), referees must be registered and insured within the appropriate organization, in order to officiate within those games. In this same manner, referees officiating AAU and/or Hockey Michigan games must be possess a current AAU membership, which in turm provides the individual with insurance while working AAU sanctioned events. Please note that USA Hockey membership as an official will not provide insurance benefits for AAU sanctioned events and visa-versa.

Eligibility Note: Upon completion of the AAU online registration process, referees immediately have all benefits of AAU membership, including insurance coverage and are thereby eligible to officiate during AAU sanctioned events. This process may even be complete on a laptop computer immediately prior to a game.

Courtesy to Referee Schedulers: Whenever possible, Hockey Michigan recommends utilizing the customary referee-schedulers who are currently servicing area rinks. As both a courtesy and also because this is more efficient for the schedulers and the referees. However, any teams having difficulty in scheduling officials should report such problems quickly and Hockey Michigan will assist in finding competent referees for your games.

Legal Concerns: Please note that referees are independent contractors and may work games across organizations if they so choose. Further, USA Hockey clarified this point when they issued the USA Hockey Guidelines Regarding Non-Sanctioned Play stating:

” … no USA Hockey official may be penalized, threatened, excluded or made ineligible for officiating USA Hockey games based on that official being certified by or officiating games that are not sanctioned by USA Hockey or are sanctioned by some other entity. … To reiterate, no Affiliate may, and no Affiliate shall permit an offical’s organization or scheduler under its control to, punish, threaten, blackball or make any official ineligible for USA Hockey games, based on the official becoming certified by another entity or officiating games that are not sanctioned by USA Hockey. … ”

USA Hockey legal counsel Casey Jorgensen has asked that violations of this policy should be reported to his office at: (719) 538-1143 or