Welcome to the 2019-2020 American Collegiate Hockey Association season. We are all looking forward to another exciting year.

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You’ll find some important information to get you started for this season. The goal of the exam is not to create a pass or fail situation. This test should be used as a training tool to ensure that your officials take the time to learn the ACHA/NCAA Rules. Use the exam to your advantage and encourage open discussions.

One of the issues we had over the years is the enforcement of USA Hockey rules in ACHA games. It is imperative that you help the officials understand the differences in our ACHA rules compared to the USA Hockey rules. As questions come up though the season, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will be providing additional information.

We offered the ACHA test to a group of officials for early evaluation and percentages of questions frequently answered incorrectly are on the answer sheet. Please pay specific attention these questions when training your officials. We will update the rule page references once the NCAA rule book is released.

You’ll also see a link to the NCAA rule changes. As updates and clarifications are released, I will send out updates to our officials.

Our ACHA officials are required to be completely registered with USA Hockey at level 3 or higher. In unique circumstances, USA Hockey Level 2 officials may be used with approval from the ACHA Referee-in-Chief.

The ACHA believes the 2-Referee, 2-Linesmen system has proven to best fit ACHA competition and this is the recommended system. ACHA teams may also use the 2-Referee, 1-Linesman system or 1-Referee, 2-Linesmen system as described in the linked referee system document. ACHA woman teams may use the 2-referee system.

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I hope that this information will help your officials prepare for the upcoming season. Good luck this season and let me know if you have any questions.

Ed Giacomucci
American Collegiate Hockey Association