Terms & Policies


(revised 4/1/2019)

Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as a guarantee of assignments. This agreement shall govern only in the event D.I.N. & Associates, Ltd .. assigns you (the official) to games scheduled by us for various area leagues. The representations and acknowledgement contained in this Agreement are a prerequisite to working games assigned by D.I.N. & Associates, Ltd .. . This Agreement incorporates all written directives concerning protocol and procedures in relation to assignments accepted by you (the official), receipt of which is acknowledged by your entering this site.


D.I.N. & Associates, Ltd., (know as Great Lakes Hockey Officials and hereinafter referred as G.L.H.O.) may from time to time assign you to supply non-exclusive on-ice officiating services for games scheduled and conducted by various area amateur hockey leagues. In order to obtain assignments, you (the official) make the following representations:

That you are gainfully employed outside the sport of ice hockey, or if not employed, that you do not consider hockey as his/her primary means of employment.

That you receive all on-ice training from the appropriate approved affiliated organization, league or association assigned by G.L.H.O. and is strictly in accordance with the affiliated Manuals and Procedures, e.g., USA Hockey, AAU, MHSAA, ACHA, Private League.

That you receive on-ice officiating assignments from persons or entities other than G.L.H.O. or that you are able to make his/her on-ice officiating services available to other persons or entities.

That you (the official) purchases or obtains all necessary on-ice officiating equipment from sources other than G.L.H.O.

That you (the official) have procured major medical insurance coverage or relies exclusively on the insurance provided by the affiliated organization, league or association. and will not look to G.L.H.O. for compensation as a result of injuries sustained while working games which G.L.H.O. assigned.

You (the official) further acknowledge:

That you (the official) are not an employee of D.I.N. & Associates, Ltd. or any of it’s affiliates and that you (the official) are responsible for all applicable income and self-employment taxes.

That G.L.H.O. assigns officiating assignments as an accommodation to various area organizations, leagues, associations and receives an administrative fee for this service. G.L.H.O. does not establish game times, game rules, officiating protocols or other aspects concerning the conduct of the games to which it assigns officials.

That evaluations are conducted by the leagues and the coaches and team personnel hired by the leagues. Assignments are made pursuant to these evaluations.

That G.L.H.O. is neither employed by nor acts as agent for any area league or association.

This Agreement does not constitute an employment contract or a guarantee of pay or assignments.

All protocols for assignments and pay are set forth in other areas of this website (http://greatlakeshockeyofficials.com/).